Writing Services

Every business needs quality content. What do I mean by that? I mean that every document, every spreadsheet, every presentation that your company produces  must communicate directly and effectively with your readers. These readers can be your customers, your employees, or your colleague. Each one of them deserves content that is clear, easy-to-understand and error free. That’s where I come in. I love developing content that meets the needs of your readers.

Document Categories

Browse the categories of documents I specialize in (see the menu to the right). If you don’t see your document listed, give me a call or drop me an email. It’s very likely I have experience with the document you need me to write. Here are some examples I haven’t listed (but can definitely write!): biographies, speeches, mission statements, product descriptions, sales letters, fundraising letters, marketing materials, grant proposals, resumes, cover letters. . . I could go on, but you get the picture! Call me and we can talk about your project.

Project Phases

Each project I accept involves the same process–talking, researching, writing, editing, and updating. Let’s look at each of these phases.


Over the phone, face to face, Skype–whatever the medium, every project starts with a conversation. Together, we explore the nature of the writing assignment. What is the purpose? Who are your readers? How will the content be communicated (print? Web? email? presentation?). My goal is to thoroughly understand your expectations and to help you understand your options. As part of the talking phase, I will produce a writing sample for us to discuss. You will always know what you can expect from my services.


I never work in a vacuum. Thanks to years of experience as a textbook writer, I’m accustomed to conducting in depth research before I commit words to screen. Rest assured that I’ll get my facts right for any project that I take on.


Here’s where my fingers hit the keyboard and I start writing for you. Sometimes, writing also involves formatting and design. It’s all good! I take a holistic approach to document design. The words and the document design work together to produce content that your readers will understand and be able to act upon.


Every project requires plenty of back and forth with the client. As I’ve said elsewhere on this Web site, I’m not satisfied until you are satisfied that the documents produced are exactly what you need.


And when the project’s done, I won’t forget you! Come back with updates any time and I’ll do them–sometimes free of charge (kind of depends!). But I take great pride in the documents I produce on behalf of each client and so I want to be sure the documents remain usable for as long as possible.

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