Word Documents

Why might you need help with Word?

  • You need to create multipage documents that use expert-level features
  • Your staff need training beyond the basics
  • Your documents just don’t look as good as you think they could

Using Word

Microsoft Word is easy to use if you just want to create a one-page instruction sheet or a notice for the upcoming staff party. However, if you need to create manuals, business plans, annual reports, proposals, or other large, unwieldy documents, then you might want to consider contracting out. An added bonus of hiring me to format your challenging Word documents is that I will always make sure the writing is error-free. As a trained English teacher, I just can’t help it.

Getting to Expert Level

Are you familiar with styles? style sets? templates? themes? table of contents? outlining? master documents? complex tables? charts and graphs? Excel spreadsheets pasted as objects (this one can be very tricky)? macros?

It’s okay. I am very familiar with all these challenging features–and many more besides. I’ll format your documents to the highest standard and, if you want, teach you and/or your people to do the same. I can also throw in written instructions–it’s all part of the service. My goal as a Word expert is to eventually make myself redundant. Eventually.

Call me to discuss how I can help your company tackle Word and make it behave once and for all.

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