When do you write proposals?

  • You need to persuade the reader to take a specific course of action
  • You are dealing with a situation that requires significant effort and cost
  • You recognize a need and wish to propose a solution

Proposal Essentials

In many professions, your ability to write compelling proposals will help you progress in your career. In fact, a great many opportunities and promotions occur simply because someone has taken the initiative and developed a proposal in response to a recognized need. Proposals are generally grouped into three categories–the solicited proposal, the unsolicited proposal, and the proposal written in response to a formal Request for Proposal (RFP).

Proposal Contents

A good proposal is one that gets results. I’m fortunate to have written many such proposals over the years–from government RFPs that generated several years worth of work to book proposals that turned into series to proposals to fund non-profits. I actually really love writing proposals because it’s so cool when they are successful.

If you’ve identified a need for a proposal, give me a call and we can work together to develop a proposal that you will be proud to submit.

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