Press Releases

Why do you write press releases?

  • You want to generate interest in an upcoming event
  • You need to circulate your message to many media outlets at once
  • You want to inform the public about a newsworthy event

Press Release Essentials

A well-written press release can attract excellent publicity for your company or organization. In fact, most news outlets depend upon the content included in press releases to fill their columns. If you need to draw attention to an important event such as the opening of a new business, an arts, sports, or fundraising event, the launch of a new product, or the hiring of new personnel (to name just a few press release topics), then consider writing and distributing a press release.

Press Release Content

I’ve written hundreds of press releases over the years, particularly for non-profit arts organizations since that’s my personal interest. If you need help with a press release, give me a call. I’ll make sure the press release includes a snappy title that attracts attention, includes the “who, what, why, when, where, and how” details, features quotations where appropriate, and provides contact information. I’ll also help you distribute the press release to the various media outlets.

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