PowerPoint Presentations

Why might you need help with PowerPoint?

  • You want to create “wow” presentations that support the delivery of your message
  • You need to develop presentation templates that you and your staff can use over and over again
  • You want to include multimedia elements (video, sound, animations) in your presentations, but you don’t know how
  • You want to turn your presentation into a simple video for uploading to You Tube

Life by PowerPoint

Some wag once coined the phrase “Death by PowerPoint” and I’ll bet real money that you’ve sat through your fair share of deadly PowerPoint presentations. You know the ones–the presenter stands in darkness, his or her back to the audience, and painstakingly reads each and every word crammed onto each and every  slide. I got bored just writing that sentence.

Fortunately, PowerPoint is not the problem. It’s just a tool and when used well, it can help you create stunning presentations that support instead of dominate the speaker (still the most important component in any presentation). A great PowerPoint presentation can be a thing of beauty. Well, it should be a thing of beauty.

Not Just the Software

I’ve been working with PowerPoint almost since they invented it and I am a huge and enthusiastic fan. I can help you develop compelling PowerPoint presentations and work with you to ensure that your delivery of the presentation is just as compelling. PowerPoint is the support–you the presenter are the main event.

I’ve been teaching presentation skills for many years and delivered hundreds of presentations in workshops, conferences, and courses. I love presenting and welcome the opportunity to help you love it too–with or without PowerPoint.

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