Why do you need newsletters?

  • You want to reach your target market quickly with content they value
  • You want to keep your customers informed and entertained
  • You need to drive traffic to your Web site

Direct Marketing

You probably already receive electronic newsletters or email notices from companies and organizations you value. Typically, an electronic newsletter contains information that interests its target market. Often customers are invited to sign up for email notices when they purchase products and services. These email notices can be overt advertisements with a specific call to action or they can be newsletters that share information and invite engagement. Both forms play a role in your online marketing strategies.

What’s in a Newsletter?

Most newsletters these days are electronic, although you can also opt to create a print version to distribute to your customers. Regardless of the format, a newsletter communicates news, announcements, and other stories of interest to your target market. You can create newsletters for your customers, for your staff, or for members of your organization. The target market for your newsletter determines the types of stories you’ll include. For example, a newsletter for a local arts council could include an article describing a new arts program in the local school, a profile of a local artist, and a news item on an upcoming annual general meeting.

Creating Newsletter Stories

Coming up with topics for newsletter stories is my idea of a good time! I enjoy brainstorming with clients about their company or organization and working together to determine articles, news items, profiles, promotions, announcements, fillers–the list goes on and on. The common denominator is that every item included in a newsletter should relate in some way to the interests of the target market.

Sample Newsletter

Here’s a sample newsletter that showcases Coastal Patterns Gallery on Bowen Island. An edition of this newsletter is sent out periodically to people who have visited the gallery or who are art collectors.

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