Document Design

Why do you need well designed documents?

  • You want to communicate content to your readers in an easy-to-read and effective way
  • You don’t want to distract readers with inconsistent formatting
  • You value professionalism in all areas of your business

Great Documents Start with Great Formatting

Check out this sample Before and After. Both versions contain exactly the same content. Which version communicates most effectively? Of course, the second version that uses headings is much easier to read.

Here’s another example where tables are used to organize and present content. As you can see, Version 2 is much more reader friendly.

Use the Easiest Tools

Most companies use Microsoft Office to take care of their document design and formatting needs. I actually love Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint (and even Access!). In fact, I’ve written dozens of textbooks (here’s a list!) that have taught students all over the world how to use these software applications to develop useful and effective documents.

Decades of teaching Office applications have taught me how to use Office applications efficiently and effectively. A great many people “know” Word, for example, but far fewer really know how to get the most out of Word. And don’t get me started on Excel! It’s an incredibly powerful program, and yet time after time I go into a company and see people ignoring features that would make their spreadsheets so much more usable (and reduce their stress!).

I can help you with your document design needs in two ways–design services and training services.

Design Services

I can take your documents, spreadsheets, and presentations, and fix ’em! You know what I mean. You’ve seen multipage Word reports full of graphics that go haywire. If you or your support staff are not experts in Word, you can be forgiven for wanting to throw your computer out the window. Instead, send your troublesome documents to me and I guarantee I will return clean, fully functioning files that take advantage of the capabilities of the software.

Training Services

I know how frustrating software applications can be to use. That’s why I love teaching people the hundreds of tips and tricks I’ve learned to get the most out of the software–and keep a smile on my face. If you or your employees need help developing effective documents, call me! I specialize in developing customized training sessions that zero in on the tasks your people need to master.

Forget generic–and expensive–training programs. I can improve the productivity of your employees for a fraction of the cost of sending them to group training sessions that may or may not meet their needs. Usually, all I need is a day or two of working closely with someone to transform them from a regular user into a power user. You’ll see immediate results in increased productivity. I guarantee it!

Combo Pack

The reality is that almost all my clients opt for a combination package that includes both document design and training services. For example, I might design a PowerPoint presentation and then either train staff how to edit the presentation or give them step-by-step instructions so they can go forth without me.

I was a college instructor for over 20 years and my greatest joy was being made redundant when my students developed the skills they needed to fly solo. Mind you, I still occasionally get a call from a student who has encountered a software issue that they can’t manage. It’s nice to still be needed.

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