Course Materials

Why do you need course materials?

  • You want to present a workshop to teach people about your area of expertise
  • You’ve been asked to develop a continuing education course
  • You’re an education professional and you’d like help jazzing up your existing materials
  • You want to develop course materials that enhance student learning

A Great Course Starts with Great Materials

Course materials include all the documents needed to support a course, whether it’s face to face or online. These documents include handouts, activity sheets, ice breakers, presentations, lecture notes, PowerPoint presentations (yes, they have a place in a well delivered course!), and evaluation tools such as quizzes, tests, and exams. All of these materials need to be top notch to support student learning.

Meeting the Challenge

Creating excellent course materials is a challenging task, particularly if you are new to teaching. Suppose you need to deliver a workshop in your area of expertise. You know your subject matter inside and out, but do you know how to communicate your passion to learners? Great course materials help.

Or perhaps you’re just getting going in your teaching career and you’re not sure how best to develop your materials. Believe me–it’s an art! And fortunately, it’s an art that I’ve spent most of my career working to perfect.

How I Can Help

I’ve been an educator for over thirty years and I have to say that one of my very favourite activities is creating course materials. I love “prep.” Back when I was an instructor at Capilano University and before that at UBC, I spent hours and hours creating handouts, quizzes, lecture notes, PowerPoint presentations, activity sheets, ice breakers–the list goes on and on. Call me and we can discuss your workshop or course and how we can create materials that contribute powerfully to student learning.

1 Response to Course Materials

  1. larry onayemi says:

    Last week I bought a copy of an book you authored, published by Course Technology – Cengage Learning . I cannot find a students data file link anywhere. Even on the publishers site.

    Is it because this book is too old ?

    Can you help me or send a copy of student data file ?

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