Why do you need a blog?

  • You want to provide your customers with useful information
  • You want to entertain and enlighten your customers on topics that interest them
  • You need to draw potential customers to your Web site
  • You want to build meaningful relationships with your customers

Why Blog?

You’re probably already familiar with blogs; you might even follow some. You know that a good blog provides you with information that you want to read because it relates in some way to your interests. What you don’t want is to read are pages and pages of thinly disguised sales bumpf.

Humans are social beings. We like to give our business to people we like; we long to build relationships. When you include a blog on your Web site that provides your customers with useful information that they value, you are building relationships.

What to Blog?

I can help you find blog topics related to your interests and the products and services you sell, and then work with you to write the blogs. We can set up a schedule so that your followers know to expect a blog every week or month or whatever time frame you choose–and your budget permits.

A well written blog that includes dynamite content can do more for your business than thousands of dollars of print ads that end up in people’s fire places. I know–my house is heated by a wood stove that we start every morning with newspapers full of ads we’ve never even glanced at. But a good blog? I’ll take ten minutes out of my day to read a blog that gives me information or opinions that I value.

What Do You Blog About?

Finding good blog topics can be challenging. We can work together to come up with content that, over time, generates more traffic to your Web site and, again over time, results in increased contact and sales. You’d be surprised how a few brainstorming sessions will produce enough topics to last you for several months. And, maybe it’s just me, but finding blog topics and then writing the copy is a whole lot of fun!

Fresh Content

You might have heard of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Very simply, SEO refers to the way in which you embed keywords into your Web site so that your site pops up as high as possible on the list of search results. SEO thrives on content. When you blog on a regular basis, you are adding fresh content to your Web site and that’s good news for search results. I can help you write blog content that contributes to your online marketing efforts.

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